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Greetings from HiTECH INFOTECH! We have made it our business to help people to safeguard their lives, properties and possessions.

HiTECH INFOTECH is a reputable CCTV camera service provider in Tirunelveli. With over a decade of experience, we offer CCTV Security Surveillance Systems for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. As one of the best service providers and wholesale distributors of CCTV camera products in the area, our aim to help people safeguard their lives, properties, and possessions.

We provide CCTV Security Surveillance Systems to everyone including residential, commercial & industrial requirements across your street and city.

If you are looking for CCTV camera sales and installation services in Tirunelveli, HiTECH INFOTECH would be a suitable choice based on their expertise and years of experience in the field. It is always a good idea to research further, read customer reviews, and compare prices and services before making a final decision.

We are doing CCTV Camera Sales, CCTV Camera Installation Services in Tirunelveli since 2007. We are one of the best service providers for Security System Products & Wholesale distributors for CCTV Camera Products.



CCTV cameras, also known as closed-circuit television cameras, are video surveillance cameras used for monitoring and recording activities in specific areas. These cameras are widely employed for security and surveillance purposes in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments.
CCTV cameras come in various types and configurations to suit different surveillance needs. Some common types include dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras (which can pan, tilt, and zoom), and wireless cameras. Each type has its own features and advantages, such as weather resistance, night vision capabilities, and remote access options.

Overall, CCTV cameras play a crucial role in enhancing security and maintaining a safe environment in both public and private spaces.



Biometric attendance and access control devices are specialized systems that utilize biometric technology to manage and track employee attendance and control access to secured areas. These devices provide a more secure and efficient alternative to traditional methods such as manual attendance registers or swipe cards.
Implementing biometric attendance and access control devices can enhance security, eliminate buddy punching (fraudulent attendance), and improve overall workforce management and access control efficiency within organizations.



An intercom, short for “intercommunication device,” is a communication system that allows two or more individuals to communicate with each other through audio or video channels. Intercoms are commonly used in various settings, including residential buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, and security systems.Intercom systems offer convenience, security, and improved communication within a building or facility. They provide a means of instant communication between different points, enhancing efficiency, safety, and accessibility. The specific type and features of an intercom system can vary based on the requirements and scale of the application.









Best CCTV Camera in TIrunelveli

That’s great to say ! Hitech Infotech has established itself as a trusted and experienced provider of CCTV camera sales and services in Tirunelveli. With over 12 years of experience, we have likely gained valuable expertise in the field of security surveillance systems.

As a top-selling CCTV camera provider, we can offer a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our focus on providing sales, installation, and service ensures that clients can rely on our company for a comprehensive CCTV camera solution from start to finish. our company to offer competitive pricing and a diverse selection of high-quality products to our customers.

Continuing to prioritize customer satisfaction, maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the latest security technologies, and delivering reliable and efficient services will contribute to the continued success of our business.

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Our CCTV camera Services

Home CCTV – Supply & Installation

Protect your home with a state of the art CCTV System with full installation.


Business CCTV – Design, Supply & Installation

From 1 to 100 cameras, large or small we have a package to suit your budget.


Upgrades to existing systems

We can undertake upgrades to older CCTV Systems – Analogue to IP/HD


360 o Total Security Services

Best Security System by Hitech Infotech

Why CCTV Secure 360 ?
Residential Security
Commercial Requirements
Bio Metric Devices
Video Door Phone
Solar System


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