A new era of safety and efficiency

The necessity for public spaces to quickly adapt to new safety and security measures while retaining productivity has increased in our day. Therefore, now is the ideal time to begin implementing existing technology to accommodate shifting physical and environmental requirements in public and commercial buildings.

Access control systems from Axis and 2N keep an eye on all points of entry and exit, including the main door, parking lots, public spaces, and elevators. With the rise in popularity of touchless access control systems, smarter security safeguards your assets and workplace efficiency both on- and off-site.

Increased security for prisons and correctional facilities

In order to provide live views, enable the mitigation of security concerns, and promote safety for inmates and staff, safety and security policies for prisons and other correctional facilities need for rugged and resilient devices combined with cognitive analytics software. The devices are hassle-free and simple to maintain because they are simple to clean. Any access control and video surveillance solution must be adaptable and able to be linked with current devices and systems to make it easier to adapt to the needs of the facility now and in the future. Together, Axis and 2N can provide a full range of smart technology, enabling a thorough security system with complete coverage and no blind spots.

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