Intercom Systems

The clarity of actual sound has replaced the outdated, processed-sounding voice and music in intercom systems, improving their audio quality. D & S provides intercom systems that enable communication with staff members both inside and outside of your institution. Additionally, intercom systems are the ideal way to distribute music throughout residences and workplaces due to the high-quality audio quality that is now readily available. With intercom systems from D & S Security, you may create a calm environment for your clients, encourage greater attention among your employees, or create a calm environment at home.

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Advantages of our Access Control Systems:

Whether you work with sensitive information or priceless equipment, protecting your company’s assets is essential to success. An access control system can allow or restrict access with only one click, regardless of how many employees you have.

What makes the Access Control System so unique, then?

Card readers, mobile devices, eye/face recognition biometric access control, and multi-level fingerprint scanners can all be used to regulate access.

The type of access system that an employer chooses will only allow access to those people you have approved.

When there are numerous buildings, campuses, or sites, traditional lock systems might become cumbersome. It would be simple to authorise access to several places simultaneously with cloud-based access, even if they are spread apart.

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